Traffic accident on a road in Montenegro

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Время отдыха: Дата вылета август 2019

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I want to share the experience of our friends who came to rest in Montenegro and got into an accident in a rented car, and what happened.

It all started with the fact that our friends rented a car in Montenegro and on the second day of the rental they managed to drive into the back of an old Volkswagen and broke their right lamp. The driver of the damaged car advised our friends to decide everything on the spot, pay 70 euros for the headlamp. But our compatriots said that the rented car has insurance and the insurance will pay the cost of the headlight. Montenegrin did not argue and called the police. As a result, the police took the passport from the driver and filed documents with the court. The hearing was scheduled for the next morning. In fact, they spent the whole day in court while the judge was looking for an interpreter, while they were waiting for the judge, the policeman, the turn and the court decision, since everything is slow in Montenegro (polako). We left the courthouse in the evening. What our friends got in the end: they lost the whole day in the police to clarify the circumstances of the incident, checking for alcohol, drawing up a protocol and clarifying all the details; a police fine of 170 euros; a trip from another city; all day in court, instead of the beach and the sea; payment of court costs and translator 50 euros. Total lost two days of rest, paid 220 euros, plus fuel for trips to another city to the court, and of moral hassle. And they could just give 70 euros, take a receipt that there are no complaints and go on to rest. So, dear compatriots, it is, of course, your business how to act in such a situation, but be prepared that if you decide to go the principle and ram's obstinacy, expect additional expenses and loss of precious time on vacation. I wish you not to get into traffic accidents and relax properly.


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