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Наталья brbogdan Страна: Австрия
Город: Санкт Антон
Время отдыха: Дата вылета январь, 2012
Отель: Pepi Eiter 1*

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Резюме отзыва

Unfriendly owners. My car that was parked on the yard of this house was scratched, probably when the owner was getting rid of the snow from his yard. When I asked him to reimburse the cost of repair he told me that I should leave his apartment next day, although it was the middle of my winter vacation in St. Anton. I left this apartment with my family, because I didn't want to deal with such a rude person anymore. I found another apartment in St. Anton, owned by friendly and nice people. On the other hand I wasted almost the whole day to arrange new apartment and to move there instead of skiing which was the main purpose of visiting St. Anton.

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