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Автор отзыва: Анна
Возраст: 30
Отель: Mira Moon 4*
Гонконг / Гонконг – май 2018
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Просмотров: 267
Добавлен: 18.05.2018

Mira Moon (China) - worst service ever!

Резюме отзыва Оценка: 3

1. Front desk on ground floor has a pungent smell and has no personnel most of the time, check-in is on a different floor with no way of knowing this when you arrive
2. Reception is highly unprofessional – it takes over an hour of micro-management to get a taxi to pick you up from a hotel. No communication from the staff in the meantime unless you push them yourself
3. Light switches glow at night, there are more than 20 of them and therefore it is light as day even when lights are off Impossible to sleep
4. Rooms are small, no windows can be opened, climate in the room is either humid and freezing, or humid and too hot (if you turn the A/C off)
5. Restaurant does not serve food other than tapas at certain points during the day
6. Booking simple services (such as drivers) requires multiple conversations with unprofessional staff: they haggle with you about the service level and underdeliver in the end
7. The room has lots of useless tech which does not work properly. Ordering room service from a poorly working iPad still requires a conversation with the staff (what’s the point)

Расположение отеля Оценка: 4

Территория отеля Оценка: 3

Номера в отеле Оценка: 2

Сервис Оценка: 2

Питание Оценка: 3

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