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Автор отзыва: StenMaer
Отель: Олимпик (Подольск) 3*
Россия / Московская область / Подмосковье – 1 января 2011
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Добавлен: 28.04.2011



I stayed at the Olimpic in January and had a fantastic experience.
This is a mini hotel with only 40 rooms, so there was not to crowded, reception was friendly and efficient, From the rooms which are perfectly designed for business travellers - great Executive office chairs, internet lines and pretty clean. - to their staff who are really friendly and cannot do enough for you, it was a perfect experience.
Breakfast was very good (combined small buffet with omelet delivered by a waitress). Is excellent, you must try the signature beef dish.
Located very close to the center but in the very quite district, no disturbing noise during the night, but still very close to our office.
I would definitely recommend this hotel to any business or a tourist traveler


1. I would expect nice fluffy feather or similar blankets and satin sheats. Instead there were old felt blankets (granny style) wrapped in ordinary sheats. My lady colleague had the same blanket. The blanket was a bit heavy and not very warm.

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